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So what can PRFS do for me?

Step-by-Step Financial Health Check

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A Step-by-Step Financial Check-up can

Ease your Financial Worries in 2 Days with a 3-Step Program

We can easily spend more time planning our holidays than our finances. Yet with prudent financial advice, we could enjoy a lot more holidays!

With a Financal Check-up from an Independent Financial Advisor, you can receive the financial advice you are looking for.

You want someone who is more concerned with answering your questions in plain english than selling you products. If products are part of your solution - an Independent Financial Advisor can get you the most appropriate and best value product for your solution.

You may, on occasion, ask yourself the following questions and more –

  • Is my family secure if something unfortunate was to happen?
  • How much Life or Illness cover should I actually have?
  • How can I protect my Income?
  • Are there any good Opportunities I should know about?
  • How can I have a decent income in retirement?
  • Can I protect against inheritance tax?
  • How can I save?
  • Where should I invest?

This is where a Financial Check-up comes in.

We call it Step-by-Step Financial Health and here is how it works:

  • Step 1. We take a snapshot of your current financial position.

  • Step 2. We recommend improvements according to priority.

  • Step 3. On your agreement, we put our best value product(s) in place.

...Leaving you free to get on with other things!

Think of it as a Financial Roadmap for Life.

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  • Adequate Provision for you and your family

  • For now and for all your futures

  • We tell you what you need and how much it costs

  • You choose what you want

  • Life cover
  • Income/Salary Protection
  • Accident/Disability/Hospital
  • Serious Illness Cover
  • Savings Plans
  • Suitable Investing
  • Retirement./Pension Provision
  • Estate Planning


E-mail for a free discussion consultation for financial advice or phone 01-6544 522

At PRFS, Financial Services is a Personal Service.





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