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Lifestyle Financial Planning


Helps define the Life you want

Works with what you have

Shows you what you can do

Shows you what can be done

Corrective actions documented


You live the Lifestyle you want


What you can expect from Lifestyle Financial Planning is a service that delivers the following and documents it all in a written Financial Plan report:

1. Your most immediate problems have been faced and dealt with.

2. You may have made significant savings or gains by ensuring you have the right financial instruments and value for your policies, plans, borrowings, investments, pension, ARF, etc.

3. You will have addressed very fundamental lifestyle questions-

  • Am I happy doing what I am doing right now?
  • Am I happy to continue what I am doing and for how long?
  • How and when can I do the other thing(s) I always wanted to do?
  • How much do I need to live the life I want in the way I want it?


4. You will have made provision to address those fundamental questions and how to achieve them. You will have explored better ways to utilise your Business/Career and integrate them in your plans to achieve your hopes and ambitions.

5. You will be self-organised-

  • You will know exactly what you are worth and potentially worth as you have built-in the value and potential of your Business / Career / Assets interests.
  • You will know what will be your outgoings now and in future years as well as all your inflows and entitlements in good times and in unfortunate event cases.

6. You will know how, why, when and where you should be saving, budgeting and investing with a strategy that suits your profile and plans.

7. You may have made informed decisions about what to do in relation to financial aspects of your life that need decisions including Property / Assets / Income / Rent / Equity / Business / Retirement strategy / Debts / current and potential future tax etc.

8. You will have made provisions and allowances to ensure you will not run out of money before or during retirement or in old-age.

9. You will be conscious of passing on inheritance as you intended and avoiding erosion of your Estate, Assets, and Savings through inflation, unnecessary risks and taxes.

10. You will have made provision for the financial consequences to your plans of death, illness, disability or extended periods of inability to work.

11. You will know what you can do, why you should do it and how to do it.

12. Your affairs are managed, professionally.

     Your worries are faced and dealt with.

     You have a Plan.


The alternative to having a plan is not having a plan.

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Why you would need Lifestyle Financial Planning

In most people’s cases, bar winning a Lottery, there will be a shortfall between their hopeful future situation and their realistic future situation.

If you have a definite desire to fill that shortfall, then you will know you must take some actions along the way. The Question then is – what actions can be taken, and how will they affect your lifestyle at these times?

Maybe you have ambitions in life to reach financial independance at an earlier stage and want to do so methodically. Maybe you just want a comfortable hassle-free life and want to know how to make the most of what you have for you and your loved ones.

This is what Financial Planning is about- helping you manage your affairs to achieve these objectives. It has the same rules for everybody, yet a different programme for everybody whether you are a Professional, a Retiree, a Director/Partner/Executive or Self-Employed or living with one.

Using Financial Planning methodology and Lifelong Cashflow Forecasting technology, we have devised an invaluable programme for participating clients.

  • We begin by helping you define how you want the rest of your life to pan out for you and your family.
  • Taking your position into account, we show you what needs to happen financially to achieve those plans.
  • We document the required actions.
  • We oversee the implementation of the Plan actions.
  • You get on with your life, knowing things are in order the way you want them.

Isn't that all you wanted before life got complicated?

With hindsight, you may feel that the past five years have not brought you as far along as you had hoped to be. After all, you concentrate on what you are good at, deal with life’s turns and generally hope for the best. But the next five years can be more fruitful. You can have a structured plan working in the background making the most of your circumstances to offer you the future you hope for. That is what we are good at.

The two best times to plant a tree are years ago and today! Today is probably as good a time as any to sit down and have a proper chat about your future. Call 01-6544 522 or e-mail to arrange an informal chat at no expense or obligation to you to see if Lifestyle Financial Planning suits you.

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